Saturday, 2 March 2013

Turkey Map of Fault Lines

Turkey Map of Fault Lines

What are the fault lines in Turkey
Fault Lines Map of Turkey
Turkey Fault Lines

Sorted by fault lines in Turkey as we know;

1 -) The North Anatolian Fault Zone: Varto'ya possi extends to the west, the Gulf of Saros large earthquakes often occur in this line August 17, 1999 November 12, 1999 Marmara and Duzce earthquakes, and most of them close to one of the biggest

2 -) The East Anatolian Fault Line: In the East, Antioch-Kahraman Maras Varto'ya chute extends from here to here to join the North Anatolian Fault Zone has been severe earthquakes

3 -) in the Western Anatolian Faults Zone: Saruhan-Hinge stress suffered as a result Massif, Western Anatolia, is common in fractures of the structure, çoğununda series of vertical strike-slip faults, horst and graben formed

Map of fault lines in Turkey, according to the degree


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